Azure AD B2C and Microsoft Entra External ID

Azure AD B2C and Microsoft Entra External ID enable organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity, as well as control customer access to applications and services. At Formula5, we understand that building and managing Customer Identity and Access Management, can be challenging. We help clients building modern customer identity platforms leveraging Azure Active Directory B2C and Microsoft Entra External ID faster, by providing Azure AD B2C Accelerator and External Identities Hub Architecture.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Verifiable Credentials offer a secure, privacy-conscious, and machine-verifiable way to express different types of credentials on the Internet, like driver’s licenses or university degrees. At Formula5, we want to make it easier for organizations to adopt this new technology, proven for the future identity data verification and exchange. Leveraging our Accelerator for Microsoft Entra Verified ID, organizations can quickly dive into decentralized identity world with Verifiable Credentials backed by the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

Getting started with Kubernetes may appear simple at first but the smallest architectural oversight is greatly magnified at scale.  We utilize a DevOps approach and bridge any gaps between infrastructure and development teams so your Kubernetes clusters are secure, scalable, effortless, and perform as anticipated. Formula5 provides Kubernetes Comprehensive Accelerator to help our clients harness the power of containerization and achieve unprecedented levels of operational efficiency, security, and scalability.

Secure DevOps

Implementing secure DevOps requires best tools that support team collaboration, process automation, and good security posture. Formula5 specializes in Microsoft’s tools for DevOps like GitHub, and Azure DevOps. Formula5 consists of specialists which help with Azure DevOps, and GitHub migrations, secure release automation configuration, and recommendations around the secure DevOps process implementation. Formula5 provides a free DevOps consultation for clients that are looking to understand how to utilize these tools to their advantage.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Azure services and infrastructure are at the core of Formula5 competencies.  Our team members pioneered the Cloud Adoption Framework and completed some of the largest Azure migrations.  Working with an experienced team that understands all aspects of the cloud from Planning, Migrating, Securing, Governing, and Operating, to Managing Costs, is crucial to having a manageable cloud environment.  Formula5 carefully plans cloud solutions architectures, and utilizes a Dev/Ops approach with best DevOps tools (like Azure DevOps or GitHub) with fully automated processes so that our clients are leveraging established best practices.

Application Modernization

Application Modernization is essential for reducing cloud costs and for leveraging the strengths of cloud computing.  Formula5 separates modernization into two dimensions.  The first dimension is by assessing the workloads and applications for modernization.  We leverage our modernization framework which is based on the evaluation of our client’s most immediate needs (i.e. Cost Reduction, Security, Automation). The second dimension is a process assessment.  After all, modernized environments require modernized processes so that they can be properly managed and operated.

Artificial Intelligence

At Formula5 we are assisting organizations to utilize data so that they can gain meaningful insights such as optimizing costs, making trading decisions, making pricing decisions, as well as many other ways .  Formula5 specifically focuses on the benefits of AI and ML and on helping organizations identify their specific AI needs, build models, train models, and then refining and tune those models for accuracy. Organizations that are outpaced in artificial intelligence will have a difficult time regaining lost ground. Formula5 provides a free AI/ML consultation for clients that are looking to understand how to utilize these tools to their advantage.

Security Services

The Term “Security”  has become extremely generalized. At Formula5 we specifically focus on the following areas of security: Compliance, Cloud app security, Microsoft Information Protection, Azure Active Directory, Data security, Information protection, Identity Management, Access control, Azure Sentinel, and we work with trusted partners for other specialized areas and needs. Formula5 is a security-first organization that leverages secure practices within all service lines.  We offer free security assessment and for clients looking to understand how to achieve their desierd security state we provide customized roadmaps based on the organization’s security analysis. 

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