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Modular DevOps Enterprise Accelerator

At Formula5 we believe that transformational initiatives don’t need to take years to implement.

We also understand that DevOps is huge topic and it can be challenging to know how to start.

This is why we support you with any challenges related to DevOps: set of practices, tools, and a cultural philosophy. We utilize best Microsoft’s tools and specialists to implement secure DevOps practices. We always help you regardless of how advanced your DevOps journey is.

There can be many challenges, like optimizing deployments to Azure cloud environments, managing dependencies security in the source code, or choosing the right tool to start journey with DevOps automation.

We support you with any topic related to DevOps. We always start with small modules basing on your biggest motivations. This is why we created Formula for DevOps 5 motivations framework.

By leveraging the 5 Motivation Framework for DevOps you are provided a Sensible and Digestible implementation plan that gives your organization the Quickest path to Realizing the benefits most important to you! Read more about our Modular DevSecOps accelerator.

Are your motivations among below?

Basing on your motivations to implement DevOps, we have dedicated, modular strategies which make your DevOps journey more stable, focused on your main goals, and faster.

Cost reduction – lowering cost of operating existing solutions requires look into current processes, tools, and infrastructure to understand places where cost is higher. We help you identify those, and next we provide guidance how to lower the cost at each point.

Faster release cycles – improving release cycles requires discovering potential blockers (both -technical, and human related), which can be part of the team work’s organization, collaboration, and automation approach. We help you identify bottlenecks, and provide ideas how to remove them.

Solution modernization – holistic application solution modernization needs processes modernization. In this case we start with assessment of your current approach to application development, deployment, and maintenance, and then we help you modernize your processes first. Next we focus on development stack, tools, and cloud environments to make sure that their potential is fully unlocked with DevOps practices in place.

Better team collaboration – improving team collaboration requires effort to teach people how to follow specific processes, and how to use the right tools to improve team collaboration. We help you organize workshops with your teams to help them understand the benefits behind proposed processes and tools, and how to start utilizing them as quickly as possible.

Improved security – enhancing security around existing DevOps practices is not only about source code security. Holistic overview of the solution, including source code, open-source components and licenses, DevOps automation, and hosting environment is critical starting point to prepare security improvements at each stage. We help you find out security issues related to all parts of your current solution, and we provide guidance how to fix them using specific tools.

We always follow these five modules to make each strategy implementation successful:

Initial assessment – together we validate your current state of solution accordingly to your specific motivation presented above.

Readiness validation – together we validate your readiness to implement improvements including right processes, people, and tools.

Execution plan – basing on the assessment and readiness validation, we prepare execution plan to make sure that implementation will have successful outcome.

Solution implementation – we efficiently implement improvements accordingly to steps included in the execution plan. We also support you with any prerequisites like new tools onboarding or migration.

Outcome validation – together we validate whether implemented improvements have positive outcome and meet your motivation goals.

We help you at each level of your DevOps journey


We help you to choosing and onboarding to DevOps platforms: GitHub and Azure DevOps. Then we help you with first steps in DevOps world.


We assist you build and improve your current projects and DevOps processes while leveraging the experience you have with DevOps practices and tools.


We help you with specific DevOps areas which you would like to craft to perfection.

We have dedicated assessment tools to evaluate where you are on your DevOps journey​

We utilize best Microsoft’s tools and specialists to implement secure DevOps practices

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